About a Girl

Caoimhe Harlock (pronounced “Keeva”) is a trans girl from the American South who writes stories and comix, mostly about sad and/or depraved trans women. She’s a grad student with fancy degrees in historically outmoded subjects and often gets up to witchy things. The best way to keep up with her work is by following her on Instagram, Twitter, or Patreon. She currently lives in Knoxville, TN with her partner, some dogs and cats, and an altar to the Goddess Hecate. 

STR: 6 (Like a kitten!)
DEX: 8 (Like a plump old dog!)
CON: 6 (Like a sickly beetle!)
INT: 14 (Like a stoat!)
WIS: 10 (Like a goat!)
CHA: Potato
PRIMARY SKILLS: Writin’, art, all the things a PhD beats into ya (organization of complicated tentacular long-term projects, more writin’, intensive copy-editing), zines and self-publishing, a love of chevre, moderate bass-playing abilities, hella gratin-baking skills, and an obsessive knowledge about Riot Grrl, feminist history, goth rock, women’s modernism, 80s anime, baseball, and witchcraft.




Portrait of the Artist as Permanent Adolescent